Why You Should Have Travel Insurance

If you are interested in doing much travel, travel insurance is something you should certainly get. In my opinion, if you can afford to purchase travel insurance, you can afford traveling. Of course, it’s easy to think that you are healthy enough and that nothing will go wrong, but there are always things that can go wrong.

Do you really need travel insurance, though? Yes, for many reasons. For example, I was once traveling in the UK with someone who suddenly had a seizure. This person was completely healthy and had never experienced a seizure before. An ambulance picked him up, took him to the hospital where he spent the night and had a number of tests done. The cost was tremendous. If you are wondering about the cost to take down a tree in Rockledge FL, click here!

Our family has also been put in a situation where we affect change of travel plans. If we did not have travel insurance at that time, it would have trained our finances. Luckily, our insurance company handled the expenses, making our out-of-pocket only if couple hundred dollars.

I could tell you many other stories where our travel insurance as stepped in and saved our butts, but my overall point you to understand is that stuff happens. The scenarios I mentioned above may not have, but then again, they may. Or, even something worse.

Travel insurance covers many things. We can help you cover emergencies such as natural disasters, personal liability, loss of luggage, and even trip cancellations. It is well worth the extra money to have these things covered when you travel, especially when you travel with your family.

Once you begin looking for travel insurance, be sure to shop around seek and find the best deal. If you’re traveling to several destinations in one trip, it is even more important to shop around. For instance, North America tends to charge more for travel insurance than other countries, so keep that in mind.

Hopefully, I have persuaded you on the importance of travel insurance for you and your family. Comment below if you have ever used travels to cover a loss you have faced.




Seven Things We Learned About Traveling with Children

Through our several years of traveling as a family, there are many things we have learned. We compiled a short list to share with you, so keep reading.

  1. It’s fun to travel with children. We have enjoyed it since our very first family trip. There really is no excuse to not travel with your children.
  2. Traveling around the world with children isn’t much different than traveling without them. The only thing different is that your parenting job is with you. You are still required to deal with your children when they wake up at night, feeding them, bathing them, and more. My friends over at movers near me in Buford travel with their kids a lot. It doesn’t make your travels less fun, just have to keep your expectations realistic.
  3. It is completely possible to relax when traveling with children. There are certain trips that make this more possible, though, such as all inclusive hotels and cruises.
  4. It is best to have expectations that are realistic you travel with your children. Since we don’t expect to do as many adventures as we did before children, we are rarely disappointed. If there is an adventure you are interested in taking on your travels, prioritize them so you can do them first. Also, remember to always keep a good attitude. And, of course, try to plan activities that the children will enjoy as well.
  5. As touched on in number four, it’s important to keep a good attitude. They’re going to a local park in a foreign country may seem boring to you, consider it a way to meet and interact with locals rather than just something you would typically do when home.
  6. It’s important not to over plan your day. With preschool age children, they typically can’t cope with a full day of activities, so only plan one major attraction each day. Though you could fit several of these smaller attractions in a day, prioritize them so you are able to do the ones you really want to do in case your child becomes too tired to continue.
  7. If your trip is more than a few days fall, plan some days where you do nothing. Otherwise, everyone becomes too tired to enjoy themselves.

There are many other things we enjoy about traveling with children, but we narrowed it down to seven to keep it simple. If there are things you enjoy about traveling with your children, feel free to leave a comment below.




Traveling with a Baby in Tow

Many people I have met over the years have too scared to travel with their babies. In my opinion, though, I believe this is the easiest age for you to travel with. Why is that? Because all the babies want is you. As long as they are with their parents, they are typically happy.

It’s easy to simply put your baby in a carrier and continue doing activities that you did before kids. If you breast-feed your baby, you may not even have to worry about bringing any food or drinks with you. And, as an added bonus, a visa free almost anywhere. This is what one of ourĀ  friend’s wife did who offers Augusta House Cleaning for a while.

As we discussed in the last post, there really is no magic age for travel, but if I had to choose, I would choose within the first six months. At this stage, keeping them happy is about as easy as it would be if you simply stayed home.

Like anything, though, there are downsides to traveling with an infant. When you have your baby at home, one of the big issues can be sleep. Traveling with a baby can interfere with their sleep even more. This can create a situation where the baby and the rest of the family are too tired to truly enjoy the trip. It is a problem they can be overcome with much patience, though. My wife and I decided not to travel until our infant is at least six weeks old. This gives us a chance to get use to you baby and the lack of sleep that comes along with it.

Personally, one of my bigger issues is having to deal with nap times. When your children don’t sleep well when you’re out and about, you may find it annoying to have to go back to the hotel for them to take a nap.

The last issue I will discuss about traveling with a baby is the increased amount of luggage. Having to carry around bottles, formula, a travel crib, carrier, stroller, and more really adds up.

Despite the issues, though, my family enjoys traveling with a baby in tow. Go ahead, be brave and give it a try.

How Old Should Your Child Be Before Traveling?

When my wife and I first started talking about traveling with children, the main question we would get is how old should your child be before traveling? Is there a particular age where traveling with children suddenly becomes easy?

I started doing research to find out if there was a perfect age to travel children. What I discovered is that there is a perfect age, just some pros and cons of traveling with a different ages.

At this point in our lives, my oldest daughter is eight, so when we embark on our next adventure, we will have an eight-year-old, a three-year-old, and a six-month-old baby. Of course, that means we will be traveling with an elementary age child, a preschooler, and a baby. This post is brought to you by our sponsors who offer the best crawl space waterproofing in Atlanta!

Luckily, we are experienced enough of these ages not to make us too nervous. We simply realize that there are some activities that we can do with each age group better than others. For instance, when the children are older, we are able to experience more things with them, need less luggage, don’t have to stop to take naps, and our overall able to have more fun together. As with any age, though, there are negatives traveling with an older child as well. As a child gets older, they become opinionated and once give input on everything that we do and eat. If they don’t like what’s going on, they can tend to make things difficult. This means we spend more time compromising all the things we do when we travel.

Many people probably think I’m crazy for saying this, but sometimes I wish for the simplicity of traveling with a baby or toddler. During the stages, we could do what we want to do without having to compromise or change our plans to suit an opinionated elementary child.

Of course, with all of our children after eight, I can only share my experiences of traveling with children younger than that age. Of course, if you continue to follow this blog, you will eventually learn more about traveling with teenagers as well.