Traveling with a Baby in Tow

Many people I have met over the years have too scared to travel with their babies. In my opinion, though, I believe this is the easiest age for you to travel with. Why is that? Because all the babies want is you. As long as they are with their parents, they are typically happy.

It’s easy to simply put your baby in a carrier and continue doing activities that you did before kids. If you breast-feed your baby, you may not even have to worry about bringing any food or drinks with you. And, as an added bonus, a visa free almost anywhere. This is what one of ourĀ  friend’s wife did who offers Augusta House Cleaning for a while.

As we discussed in the last post, there really is no magic age for travel, but if I had to choose, I would choose within the first six months. At this stage, keeping them happy is about as easy as it would be if you simply stayed home.

Like anything, though, there are downsides to traveling with an infant. When you have your baby at home, one of the big issues can be sleep. Traveling with a baby can interfere with their sleep even more. This can create a situation where the baby and the rest of the family are too tired to truly enjoy the trip. It is a problem they can be overcome with much patience, though. My wife and I decided not to travel until our infant is at least six weeks old. This gives us a chance to get use to you baby and the lack of sleep that comes along with it.

Personally, one of my bigger issues is having to deal with nap times. When your children don’t sleep well when you’re out and about, you may find it annoying to have to go back to the hotel for them to take a nap.

The last issue I will discuss about traveling with a baby is the increased amount of luggage. Having to carry around bottles, formula, a travel crib, carrier, stroller, and more really adds up.

Despite the issues, though, my family enjoys traveling with a baby in tow. Go ahead, be brave and give it a try.